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"Our customers tell us they are complimented all the time about their frames," Dr. Trepke says. "Our opticians not only provide outstanding service, but they also have a great eye for fashion. I don't remember anybody ever leaving here saying they can't find something they like."
- MimiVanderhaven - March 19, 2012 Read the full article here.

"Eighty percent of a child's learning is done through her eyes," insists Dr. Ron, "She needs to see the blackboard, read and do homework papers. If she can't do those things efficiently it slows her learning."
- MimiVanderhaven - August 20, 2009 Read the full article here.

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NEW FOR 2017! By popular demand, Trepke Vision Care now carries Ray-Ban eyeglass frames! Stop in to see which style looks best on you!